Tropical Island Snow Shack

Tropical Island Snow Cone

Here are our flavors. We've worked hard to bring you the best flavors around. It might not be the biggest list, but it's the best! Flavors with * by them have a description at the bottom.

Weekly Specials to try. Let us know how you like these flavors!

Apple Cobbler Blue Berry Cinnamon Cola
Daiquri King Cake* Kiwi Margarita
Mojito* Peach Cobbler Tutti Fruity Wedding Cake

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Here are our regular flavors. You will be able to find a flavor to make your mouth water in here

Bahama Mama


Blue Bubblegum

Blue Coconut

Blue Raspberry

Cotton Candy

Dill Pickle Juice

Fredricksburg Peach


Green Apple

Hannah Montana

Ice Cream



Lemon Lime



Ninja Turtle*




Pink Lemonade

Pink Bubble Gum

Purple Cow*


Sponge Bob


Tiger’s Blood*



Wild Cherry

Creamy Flavors are a delight! Try these specialty flavors. These are the best of the best! They really pop in your mouth as you eat, and the flavor will last for a long time. We mix the cream into the syrup so you get that creamy flavor to the last drop, and trust me, we don't skip on the cream! So try one today.

Apache Pride*

Creamy PiñaColada

Banana Cream Pie

Nectar Cream Soda

Creamy Coconut

Rootbeer Float

Cake Batter



Apache Pride Orange and Cream Flavor to support our school
Hanna Montana Ice Cream and Cotton Candy
Horschata Rice Milk Flavor
Leche Cream Vanilla with Cinnamon
King Cake This New Orleans specialty bring Madi Gras to a SnowCone. This brings the rum, cake, butter and vanilla flavors to a refreshing delight.
Mojito Carribean Rum with the perfect amount of lime and speariment flavors added
Ninja Turtle Yummy! Banana and Lemon Lime
Purple Cow Orange with Grape added